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 August 21, 2017– Philadelphia, PA Remember that time Karissa’s dad pulled a gun out at the dinner table. Family betrayal is hard to bounce back from especially when the ones you love aim so far from peace. Her boyfriend T must really be in love because he didn’t even flinch. We got an up close peek into the aging of their young love in the newly accredited season one series of Single and Anxious. We quickly see that eventually love grows up even if your lover won’t. Amaya let Je’Kob charm his way into her heart while Sebastian it seems was pushed to the side. We hope she knows falling fast without all the facts may come with backstory baggage. Loyalty becomes paper thin in this sea of unanswered questions. Single and Anxious (S&A) season two immediately draws us into a triangle of love, lies, and crime. 

As noted by Jordan Peele, “fresh new talent isn't a risk”. Single and Anxious uses an array of fresh, new, and skilled talent from Philadelphia who are all bringing their A game. As told by Christina Faith “It was an active choice in our casting to display people of color of all shapes, sizes, and skin tones. We wanted to be able to show the diversity amongst POC like the communities we live and work in everyday”. Each and every member of the cast brings life and authenticity to each character. S&A stays true to their original storyline and dives into the lives of these characters. Watch as twenty somethings, college students, and young drug dealers navigate through real life problems. 

Black female, director, producer, writer Christina Faith is giving us black girl magic. Taking a page from Ava Duvernay, C.Faith has built a tribe who isn’t looking to ask for permission to put black beauty on the screen. Christina Faith is focused on magnifying the voices of black millennials in love. CTM has managed to shoot in 25 locations, train 30 actors, film in 21 days, and complete post production in 8 weeks. They did all of this without a budget. C.Faith asked everyone she could for their assistance. The people came, they helped, they promoted. At film festivals from Miami to Atlanta attendees joked about the determination of S&A’s street team, which was actually just the cast and crew promoting at every event they could. The determination is fueled by love. Love for the project and love for each other. Behind the scenes relationships are the backbone to S&A. “We aren’t just making things for the sake of saying we made it. We are creating a legacy and friendships that will last far beyond the show” C. Faith says. The team of S&A has showed up in season two and is giving us nothing short of black excellence with vanilla sprinkles. 

With the help of Philadelphia actor and acting coach Tobi Gadison the characters will explode off of the screen and into all of our hearts. Named by Ebony Magazine as the top five webseries to watch, S&A comes to introduce black characters that we have never seen on the screen before. Add this to your binge watching queue but more importantly keep your eyes out for C.Faith and her team as they surely are part of the new class of media giving us the stories we desire to see more of. 

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